How to Look Up Your Own Phone Number on Android and iOS

Do you know your phone number by heart? Those of us that have kept the same phone number for years may have it down by now. But for those who have recently changed numbers or carry multiple lines for work, a simple question like “what’s your phone number” can lead to an embarrassing situation. Unlike when everyone had a landline and could recite their phone number as readily as their home address, it’s different with smartphones. Like most people, you probably don’t call your own cell phone number often — and if you do, it’s likely listed in your Favorites — so you may not know it off the top of your head. With that reality comes the familiar grip of panic when a new acquaintance asks for your number, and you have no clue.

No worries — you’re not alone. Regardless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you can quickly locate your own number on your phone, if you know where to look. We show you how to do it.

Find your phone number on iOS

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Looking up your phone number in iOS is easy and convenient because most iOS users are running the same version. There are two ways you can easily locate your phone number: The Contacts app or in the settings. We show you the steps in iOS 13.

  • Contacts: Open the Phone app, tap Contacts, and your number will be the first listed.
  • Settings: Go to Settings > Phone and My Number will be the first field on the list. You can of course change, or edit, this if you wish by tapping on the number.

Find your phone number on Android

Do not be surprised to discover some variations in the steps you need to take for finding your own phone number on an Android device. That’s because Android users may be running different versions of the operating system and because of variations in how the operating system is implemented across device brands. So there are bound to be different interfaces depending on which device you use and which version of the OS you run. Generally, however, all roads begin from the settings.

The example below is on an LG V40 ThinQ running Android 10.

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  • Go to settings and search for My phone number in the search bar.
  • The result will give you the path: System > About Phone > Status.
  • Alternately, launch the Contacts app and you’ll see your own contact info right at the top.

The example below is from an older Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 6.

If you’re running stock Android, or something very close — for example, the Google Pixel or Nexus, or the Lenovo Moto G, X, or Z smartphones — go to the Contacts app, and you’ll be able to see a Me or My Info contact at the top of the contact’s list. That’s where your phone number is located.

For every Android phone, regardless of manufacturer, you’ll be able to find your phone number if you go to SettingsAbout Phone or About Device > Status My phone number. Some Android phones will have SIM or SIM card status listed within Status. If this is the case with your phone, then your number will be listed there. If you don’t feel like poking around, just search for My Phone Number in the search bar.

It’s quick and easy to use your phone to find your own number, and hey, you’ll look like a champ to your friends for locating this information so quickly.